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Dariya Mahal
દરીયા મહલ

India is a treasure trove of palaces, fortresses, and historic waterfront homes, each a testament to the subcontinent's rich heritage and engineering brilliance. These architectural marvels served various purposes, from fortifying kingdoms to offering serene retreats.

Dariya Mahal (formerly known as Gopnath Bungalow) stands as a prime example. Built as a sanctuary for rest and family bonding, it was the summer retreat of Maharaja Krishnakumar Singhji Gohil from 1942 until the annexation of the princely states. This historic gem now invites guests to unwind in ten cozy rooms in a beautifully restored bungalow. Here, you can sip coffee, dive into a good book, or enjoy a board game, all while soaking in the coastal breeze and the soothing sound of waves. Perfect for history enthusiasts and those seeking tranquility, the Gopnath Bungalow offers a unique blend of heritage and relaxation.

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