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Takhteshwar Temple

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Sitting atop a modest hill in Bhavnagar, this temple, entirely crafted from marble, commands a vantage point that gifts breathtaking panoramas of both the cityscape and the Gulf of Cambay. Designed in the intricate Gujarati architectural style, it boasts 18 exquisitely adorned pillars, leading visitors into a central hall preceding the sanctum housing an idol of Lord Shiva. Accessible via marble stairs from the base of the hill, the temple's main courtyard welcomes devotees and doubles as a popular gathering spot for socializing in the evenings, especially among the youth and regular visitors. This tranquil hillside retreat offers a serene escape from the bustling city below.

Historically, the temple's origins trace back to 1893 AD, believed to have been commissioned by Maharaja Takhtsinhji, who ascended to the throne of Bhavnagar following the passing of his father, Jaswantsinhji, in 1870. Prior to his reign, Maharaja Takhtsinhji was a prominent Rajput leader of the Gohil clan, eventually ascending to kingship.

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