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Raj Samadhi

The Bhavnagar Raj Samadhi is situated in the heart of Bhavnagar opposite Darbari Kothar. The monument is a tribute to the members of the royal family and includes the Chhatris of  Jaswantsinhji, Takhtsinhji, Bhavsinhji-II, Krishnakumar Sinhji as well as temples of Lord Shiva. The Chhatris are made in memory of the rulers who contributed to Bhavnagar as memorials. Their grandeur would be based upon numerous factors, including the popularity and greatness of the departed souls. 

Most of these are built using sandstone, drawing inspiration from temple architecture and beautifully carved with sculptures of various animals. Each of which represents qualities to imbibe from. People from all walks of life come to visit the chhatris. Some pay homage to the women and men who built this historic city while others enjoy the gardens, the cool breeze and the songs of the birds that perch themselves on the branches of the ancient trees


Transforming Spaces, Restoring Stories - The photos here show the restoration work of Raj Samadhi.

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